What to Expect on Your First Visit



Dr. Estes will sit one on one with you to discuss your symptoms and what may have caused the symptom to start such as an injury or simply long hours of sitting at a desk.  


Next, your will given a full orthopedic / neurological examination.  Patients often ask if they have to undress and wear a gown for this.  We do NOT have our patients gown for their exam or treatments. 

X-ray Examination

Next, you will have x-rays taken of your problem area.  These will be accessible right away and the doctor will review them while you are here for the same visit.  If you have recent x-rays from another doctor please bring them, as this may allow you to skip new x-rays being taken.  X-rays are for the sole purpose of allowing us to better care for you and to see any underlying problem that the doctor needs to know about. 

X-rays are not required on pregnant patients or small children.


Next, after reviewing the x-rays with you, Dr. Estes will then treat your condition with chiropractic adjustments.  Often, physiotherapy is also given following the adjustment to aide in the process of healing and for faster pain relief.

First Visit Recommendations

If you have any records such as MRI's or x-rays from a previous doctor that applies to the same symptom, please bring them with you or have the contact info of where you had them done so that we can request them from the previous doctor.   Also, have a list of any medications you are taking.  If you have had a work or auto injury please bring the contact info to the insurance or attorney you would like us to file to.  Bring your insurance card and ID. 

What Ages Do We Treat?

We treat patients of all ages from infants to elderly.  We also help lots of women during their pregnancy with pain relief from neck and low back pain. X-rays are not required on pregnant patients nor small children.